Project 365, week 8 {Cincinnati Lifestyle Photographer}

Wow, what a week.

Friday we moved to a new house, a place for us to live and love and be. We are in love, and ready to make this house a home. My favorite thing is hands-down the window light. It’s truly gorgeous, even during this gloomy rainy february weather.

There’s so much work to be done though, making this plain white box truly ours. I’m trying to enjoy the journey. (my post is backwards, to fit the blog. So the first images are the new house and the last images are the old house.)

2/24: Really long puzzle

Toddler working a giant puzzle

2/23: Birthday cake (we have three birthdays this coming week, and Grandma wanted to celebrate.) 🙂


2/23: Ready for bed


2/22: Moving Day


2/21: in the absence of toys, she makes her own fun


2/20: “Mom, I look just like a ballerina.” Or Frida Kahlo. She’s been saying she doesn’t have eyebrows (they are very blonde) so she made some with black eyeshadow. They took several days to wash out completely. Oh yeah, and she likes to dress herself, obviously.

IMG_8400 IMG_8402

2/19: Sleeping amongst the clouds, for just a few more nights. This room was his nursery, I painted those clouds while he was still inside me.


2/18: Packing (a self-portrait)


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  1. The picture of her in the media cabinet is hilarious!

    1. She's a loony one, that Anna Kate. She loved having that cabinet empty, it's just her size.

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  3. You captured some really precious memories this week…love “sleeping amongst the clouds.” Congrats on the move!

  4. what an exciting transition for you all! & that light is super-yummy, have fun with it :)!!

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