10 on 10: House Hunting with Kids

This month marks the beginning of a huge change for my family – we are preparing for a move to western NY. Agreeing to a move to a place you’ve never even seen is a scary thing, and even more so when you are a kid. When it came time to house hunt, we were faced with the decision to take the kids along or to go by ourselves. The far more productive and easier choice would have been to make the trip without the littles, however it was important to us to give them something to cling to as they prep for this big move.

Bringing them along was an amazing decision and yes, it was a bit stressful (we signed home-buying paperwork with our realtor in a McDonalds because it was the only place I could think of where they would be entertained without much supervision on our parts.) But the week was amazing – we were able to visit the kids’ new school, one of the libraries in the area, the church we will attend, a great local playground, and karate class. We were able to see the beach and some of the lakes. And as an extra bonus – since we are buying the home that belongs to some friends of ours – my kids got to swim in their new pool, play baseball in their new yard, and we got to eat dinner with the new neighbors.

There is excitement where there was uncertainty. And for that I’m very grateful.

On to the next adventure.

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