Adding a second baby to a young family is challenging. The toddler isn’t much more than a baby himself. He just doesn’t understand who this new little creature really is and why he’s suddenly the center of attention. I know, I’ve been there. My oldest two are less than two years apart and while I loved their closeness, I appreciate the challenges of having two babies close in age. That’s why as an in home newborn photographer, I always offer an at home newborn session for growing families. Not only do you get the opportunity to have beautiful heartfelt images taken, you also get to be comfortable in your own home! No packing the family up and driving to the studio, no worry about snacks/toys. Just cuddles.

Why should you choose a session with an in home newborn photographer?
  • Comfort! Baby is content and cozy. You can stay in your PJ’s for 90% of the session.
  • Easy prep. All I ask is that you make your bed, that’s usually a perfect work surface. I can work around all the baby clutter.
  • No packing. Going somewhere with a baby requires a lot of gear. Skip it, and let me do the heavy lifting.
  • Sentimental value. These images taken in your home surrounded with love will mean so much more than a generic studio
  • I still bring all the props! Some parents worry that their baby’s at home session won’t give the opportunity for cute wraps, backdrops, etc. That’s not true at all. I have the obligatory in home newborn photographer SUV and I fill it full of stuff just for your baby. All I ask is that you make the room nice and warm.

This little guy was only one week old when I came to his home to photograph him and big brother. The toddler wasn’t all that enthusiastic about having his pictures taken, and being comfortable at home was a huge benefit. We had his favorite books, his comfort items, and snacks all ready to go! Of course family pictures were perfect. The parents requested some studio-style shots, without much of a “home” feel to them, so we found a blank wall and set some great timeless images up!

Thanks again for inviting me into your home and allowing me to photograph an in home newborn photographer session for your new baby’s newborn portraits!

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