Changing Places {Northern KY Child Photographer}

My friend recently moved away from the house that her lovely little family has called home for the last five years. The home that her twins were brought home to. The four walls that contained so much love and laughter. The place where her baby took her first wobbly steps and her oldest little boy learned to ride his bike. Before she moved, she wanted to commemorate the time that they spent in this gorgeous neighborhood that they loved, the backyard with the play set and the trees that they planted when the babies were born. The very same backyard where I photographed her maternity session a year ago when her sweet baby was still on the inside.

I love sessions that take place in and around a family’s own home – they are special in a way that no park or public place can be. They are personal and lovely. And the sense of groundedness that portraits that take place on a family’s own property gives a set of young children is just priceless.

Thanks again to this gorgeous family and congratulations on your new home – may it be filled with even more love and laughter and memories.

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  1. Andrea Dominello Remke says:

    I love the one of the twins laughing on the swings! and the one of Payton's goofy face is too much! love it – I'll have to order more at some point!

    1. Jaime Barnes Ginney says:

      twins on swings together is awesome!

    2. Thanks, Andrea, for sharing these. Hope maybe you'll be in SB Father's Day weekend….we should be in town….long time no see. You kids are adorable!

  2. Jennifer Feldman Maki says:

    My favorite is the one of him kissing Payton with her hand on his. Like a big brother comforting his little sis. 🙂 Too cute. Your babies are adorable!

  3. Andrea these are all great, it would be so hard to choose.

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