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Family Professional Photography Display Ideas

Ideas for Displaying your Family Professional Photography

So you’ve researched the best family photographer in Cincinnati, and your photographer (me, in this case) has consulted with you on a fabulous concept that perfectly fits your family. You’ve scoured your closets and all the online retailers for perfectly coordinated (but not too matchy) clothing, and you’ve gotten everyone primed and ready for a beautiful photo session. To your relief, your photographer knows exactly what to say to get the kids to smile and laugh for the camera, and your husband gets in the car afterwards and says “that was actually pretty fun.” Ok FABULOUS. But what now? How are you going to display that beautiful family professional photography for the world to see?

Well, at Mischief and Laughs Photography, I’m here to help you every step of the way! I won’t just toss you a link and that be it. No no, we’ll sit down together again after the session and discuss your images – they’ll be some you swoon over, some that nearly bring you to tears. It’s my goal as a professional to guide you through this process so that you aren’t at all overwhelmed – and yes, it can be overwhelming to see so many gorgeous photos in one place. But I promise you, we’ll do this thing together. I’ll help you select the absolute PERFECT wall art for your home – after all, that’s why the pre-session consultation happened in the first place, so that I can see your home and measure your walls!

But then after the wall art is selected, there are undoubtedly a few images that you’ll love and that you just need to have printed in your home. That’s where my tabletop art line comes into play! There are three types of tabletop art: mounted or matted prints, albums, and acrylic blocks.

This week, I’ll be discussing the most familiar of these items: mounted and matted prints. These are your 8×10’s and 5×7’s that you are so accustomed to, upgraded substantially to be heirloom quality. Your art is printed on beautiful matte finish paper that has an archival value of up to 200 years, so you’ll be able to pass these images on to future generations – the pictures you put on Facebook certainly won’t be there by then! You can choose from either matted prints (the ones with the white border) or mounted prints (no white around the outside, they are instead affixed to a thin but stiff backing so that they won’t bend.) I do recommend that all small prints, whether they are matted or mounted, get put into a frame. The silky deep matte paper resists fingerprints superbly, but it’s safer behind glass.

The best part is that just like with the wall art, each tabletop art piece comes with a matching digital image for social sharing and creating small prints for family! It’s the gift that just keeps giving.

Finally, you see that beautiful white box in the last image? That is the heirloom box and it is a complimentary gift when you purchase 10 or more mounted or matted prints.

Mischief and Laughs Photography is a professional child, baby, and family photographer located in Loveland OH, and serving all of the greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky areas. I specialize in creating heirloom printed artwork for my clients. To schedule your portrait consultation, please contact us today!

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