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Professional Newborn Photography in Cincinnati

Professional Newborn Photography Display Ideas

(and other random stuff)

I’ll start this post off by saying I’m sorry. Sorry for being a bit random here but I don’t know where else I’m going to put these other important announcements. I promise I’ll discuss professional newborn photography displays, because yeah that’s probably why you came here in the first place.

Professional newborn photography display ideas - acrylic desk print 1.) I have a really cool new product that I’m excited to share with you guys! This is an Acrylic Desk Block and it’s the perfect way to display photos of your new baby at work. My husband LOVES these because every time I have updated pictures of the kids, he can take a print with him and change it out! It comes with two unmounted deep matte prints because get this, it’s double sided! Perfect if you have two kids or if your desk has a computer side and a seating side for visitors – everyone gets to see the cuteness.

2.) my other favorite Newborn products include:
Blanc Framed Print
Beautiful matted portraits – for newborns you NEED to purchase enough to get the free box! these photos are special!
Linen or Leather Heirloom Albums (updated post coming soon with baby pictures!)

3.) See that little green beauty to the side: that’s a prayer plant (Maranta leuconeura.) I started an instagram for my plants. Yes, I’m that person. You can follow me @plants.and.paws.cincy.

4.) And while we are talking about Insta, you NEED to follow my photo page @mischiefandlaughs because I’m going to host a giveaway for one of these cute little acrylic blocks soon! Plus, Instagram is fun – it has so many updated photos, some behind the scenes shots, and other neat stuff.

5.) SPRING MINIS: if you haven’t had a chance to check out spring mini sessions on April 6th I have only one spot left! You can see the full post with all the details here!