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I got some new (portable) floor (to be used on shoots, although I wish it were real floor in my real kitchen.) And of course, I had to try it out with my kiddos first. I love the fact that I have willing(ish) test subjects at the ready any time my little heart desires. I love the way this flooring looks next to my creamy-colored kitchen wall.

Also, if I were to send out Valentines cards, this is totally what they would look like. As it is, I didn’t even manage to get my Christmas cards addressed this year, so I doubt I’ll be printing them. Everyone, just pretend you got this in the mail, please. It will save me a whole lot of addressing!

I am, however, planning to get the top half printed to display in their room! I think it makes a fantastic storyboard, and I love their expressions. Definitely a reflection of their relationship right now. Well, half of their relationship anyway – I didn’t show the fighting like cats and dogs part!