Cincinnati Newborn Photographer; What to Wear to Baby’s Newborn Photo Session

You’ve carried your baby for nine months, you’ve endured the pains of childbirth (totally worth it, but undeniably trying) you’ve brought this sweet bundle of love home from the hospital, had a few sleepless nights, and now it’s time for your baby’s newborn session.

You look in your closet and you think what on earth am I going to wear for this? Nothing fits! Nothing looks good! HELP!

Mommas… I get it. I’ve been there three times, I know that the first weeks after baby’s birth is not really the best time for fashion. But I promise you, it’s not as painful as it sounds.

#1: You can wear sweatpants to your baby’s newborn session

Yup. I don’t care what you wear on the bottom half of your body. I promise I won’t let it show if it’s not what you want in your pictures! The images I usually take are centered around your head/torso and focused on baby.

(Now… there are exceptions to this, but I’ll get to that later.)

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#2. Neutrals are usually a safe bet.

My studio walls are a warm, soft gray. Black, white, blush, cream, and tan all look wonderful!

Soft, subtle patterns or colors are wonderful also, but be sure to keep them unobtrusive. We want baby to be the focus of these pictures!

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3. Parents should try to match each other. 

I don’t normally suggest matching in pictures, but newborn sessions are the exception. If mom goes with light colors, dad should go with light colors also. If dad wants to wear dark gray (or black) it would be best to have mom in the same dark tones. This helps keep unity throughout the family pictures, and keeps focus on the new love for the precious baby you are holding in your arms.

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4. Think skin-to-skin. 

Babies and skin-to-skin contact go hand and hand… wearing a tank top or tube top is a great way to make the what-to-wear issue a nonissue. Minimizing the clothing that shows in pictures ensures that baby is the focus! Dads can even remove their shirts if they are comfortable with the idea.


4. What should siblings wear?

For the most part, the idea is the same. Neutrals are best, match mom and dad, and for the little boys, shirts off can be super cute.

When a sibling is holding baby, the baby will often stay wrapped, especially if the sibling is in the 2-4 year range (toddlers are wiggly!) My wraps are all different colors, so don’t worry about trying to match what I have… chances are I’ll have a wrap to match whatever big brother or sister is wearing.

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5. What about baby? Should I bring special clothes for him? 

Most images are taken in nothing but baby’s birthday suit (or a wrap.) I do provide everything you need for baby’s pictures, but if you want him to wear something special for a few pictures, please bring it along. I’ve had clients bring along sweet vintage rompers that once belonged to Daddy or special little dresses that mean something to the family. Keep in mind that the clothing will look best if it fills well. And by fit well, I mean a bit snug. True newborn sizes or even preemie sizes are best.


6. What about in-home sessions? 

So do you remember when I said there was an exception to the no pants required rule? Well this is it… If you are booking an in-home session, we’ll be taking a more lifestyle approach to the images (meaning less posed, more of you loving on your baby and doing the everyday things parents do with a baby.) Sometimes I’ll show a full body image with these – of course if you aren’t comfortable with full body images or if you can’t find pants, we can work around that.

For in-home sessions, I recommend taking a look at your home and your walls, and starting there. Wear clothing that you are comfortable with, and that matches your own personal style and your own home’s colors.

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Hope this helps as you plan for your baby’s photo session! These first family pictures are so special and sentimental. They will surely be a treasure for generations.

Mischief and Laughs Photography is located in Loveland OH and serves new families all over Cincinnati.


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